How to Heal Bladder Infections Naturally

bigstock-Beautiful-Young-Woman-Drinking-43558309For years, I suffered from bladder infections, otherwise known as urinary tract infections (UTIs).   As a result, I have studied them more than any other affliction and am honoured to be able to share the comprehensive, yet simply put, information I gleaned on the topic on how to heal bladder infections naturally.

What are the symptoms of bladder infections?

  • Urgent desire to empty the bladder
  • Frequent and often painful and/or burning urination
  • Desire to urinate even once the bladder is empty
  • Urine has a strong, unpleasant odour and may be cloudy
  • Lower abdominal pain which ranges from discomfort to severe pain
  • Possible blood in the urine
  • Can lead to kidney infection if left untreated


What are the physical causes of bladder infections?

  • Lack of good bacteria to counteract bad bacteria
  • Candida, particularly if the bladder infections are re-occurring
  • Food sensitivities or allergies, particularly to dairy, citrus fruits, alcohol, chocolate, coffee and sugar
  • Chlorinated pools, hot tubs and water

What physical factors increase the chances of contracting a bladder infection?

  • Pregnancy
  • Sexual intercourse
  • The use of a diaphragm
  • System disorders such as diabetes
  • Non cotton underwear and tight clothing
  • Sitting around in a wet bathing suit
  • Holding back from urinating

What are the emotional causes of bladder infections?

There are often emotional causes behind every physical ailment.  The emotional causes behind bladder infections are anxiety, fear of letting go, holding onto old ideas and being pissed off.  There is usually a need to get rid of something i.e. toxic things, situations and/or people in the life of the ‘sufferer.’  Phrases the ‘sufferer’ might have on their mind or feel subconsciously are “I don’t dare” or “Deeply unhappy” or “I can’t expect any better.”

How do you heal bladder infections naturally?

  • Drink organic cranberry juice is one of the best herbal remedies as it inhibits bacterial growth.  It also prevents bad bacteria from sticking to the bladder lining.  Blueberry and bilberry juice are also very effective.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat celery, watermelon and parsley as they are natural diuretics and cleansers
  • Stay away from the food allergens listed above, as well as processed foods, caffeine, drugs and chemicals (in food and water)
  • Take a good quality form of acidophilus (good bacteria)
  • Take a natural antibiotic such as garlic, colloidal silver (great for children) or oil of oregano
  • UTI Cleanse by AOR usually puts an end to all symptoms (tablets swallowed at intervals stated on the package)

This is all you need to know in order to cure a bladder infection naturally.  I did not share this information in my book because I had not determined all the factors involved in my bladder infections at the time I wrote it.  I hope this information prevents even one of my readers from undergoing the suffering I underwent with my frequent bladder infections.

Please feel free to send me your questions or comments.  And if any of you need help coming to a better understanding of your emotional triggers, I am trained in The Journey™ work and am having great success in helping adults and children uncover their emotional blocks (Please visit their website by clicking here for more information on this process).

As always, I love receiving feedback. Here on my blog, you’ll get commentluv. This is a wonderful opportunity to leave a link back to your own blog when you leave a comment.

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50 thoughts on “How to Heal Bladder Infections Naturally

    • Hello Renee, thank you for visiting the blog! AOR is a top quality supplement manufacturer. Their products are found at many health food stores but not all.

    • tried your “solution” with the cranberry juice this morning and I already feel better. I think I wasn’t drinking enough fluid with my medications. I still feel bad but I can tell my body is responding to the healing suggestions from Meredith. The celery and watermelon are good to know as I have a really hard time keeping hydrated. I ran to the store and purchased them. I have a lot of stress & feel sometimes no place to vent it. Thanks for your site!

  1. I have been on Cipro for one week and my infection is not responding. I am allergic to two other antibiotics so not sure there are any more available. Do you think this would still work for me?

  2. thanks for the great information. I am a type two diabetic. i have notice that every time i dont drink enough water for several days, i get a uti like now. i am taking garlic cloves daily. how much garlic do i need to take to get rid of the bacteria. i have discomfort in my pelvic and lower back regeion. i would rather stay with natural medicine. I appreciate all of the help and info you can help me with, i will also check my self on an emotional as well. thanks for adding that as well.

    • This is a challenge you are very familiar with then, unfortunately. Every person is different as to how much garlic they need. I take 2-3 capsules every 3 hours until it is gone, which is within 3 days – it helps with the discomfort as well.


  3. Hi Meredith, Beautiful blog! I just stumbled across it as I was looking for any other ways to help my UTI I maybe didn’t know about. I’ve been doing the pure cranberry juice (not sweet cocktail stuff, ick) and water too…probiotics…I haven’t used garlic yet. I supposed that is my next step. I’m on day 2 and very uncomfortable. Little blood though so that makes me feel better. Anyway, great info, I’ll be back!

  4. hi Merideth,
    Thank you for all your info. I think my 4 yr old daughter has a UTI, She frequented the bathroom a lot today, and complained of it being irritated/itchy down in that area. She was tearing up before she went to bed and went to the bathroom a few times in a row, complaining it hurt!
    What can i do for her age to get rid of this UTI naturally? I hate using anti biotics when i don’t have to!
    Thank you,

    • You are welcome. If your daughter will swallow pills, you can give her garlic capsules or colloidal silver drops taste just like water – both will kill the infection.


  5. Hi I have had this UTI for about 4/5 months. I have been to the doctors and they have prescribed me anti biotics but they haven’t helped! I have done all these things and it has only made it less! I have been doing these things for about a month now! Help!!! It’s really painful 🙁

    • Pooja, Would you like to have a phone consultation? I have specialized in this area for a decade now and am well versed in all of the physical and emotional causes of this ailment as well as the treatments. If you would like to speak, please email me and we can set up the particulars.

      Yours in health,

  6. Hey…So i have been having problems with bladder infections my whole life…but lately they have been getting worse. Im not really sure what to do i have had one on and off for a few months now. I drink cranberry juice regularly and take uninary suport pills they help for a little but it just gets worse with time…i really need to kno what to do. What can i do to make it better?

    • I have spent a lot of years studying bladder infections. I provided a lot of the solutions in this blog post. Please let me know if you would like to have a phone consultation to discuss your particular case and arrive at a solution together.


  7. Hello,

    I have been fighting this uti for a week now and it is getting a bit better. I have been drinking lots and lots of water and pure cranberry and cut out all sugars, caffeine, and alcohol. My question is how do you know when it is gone rather than moving up to your kidneys? A few years again all my symptoms went away and then a week later I had a kidney infection. I fear that will happen to me again. I am a 26 year old female, fresh out of college with no insurance and I really dislike using antibiotics.
    Thank you

    • My advice for determining whether your bladder infection is finished is to really get to know your body. Are you still experiencing burning while urinating, feeling an urgency to urinate but nothing coming out, discomfort in what feels like your stomach area, excessive vaginal or eye mucus or strong smelling, darker urine.


  8. Hi there,
    so I have been experiencing many of the symptoms you described above off and on for our a year. I can literally get a full blown infection overnight and it burns terribly. I also feel much soreness in the kidney area as well as pressure in my lower abdomen. All the doctor does is prescribe antibiotics and I believe there is more that could be done. Does the garlic pills and AOR cleanse really help with killing the bacteria?
    thank you for your help!

    • Yes the garlic kills the bacteria and the AOR cleanse cleanses you at the core level. I use these products instead of antibiotics. If you want further help is addressing the root cause, please email me and we can arrange a time to have a phone appointment.


  9. Hello! Thank you very much for your advice! I am 23 years old and I have been suffering with bladder infections since I can remember. I’ve gotten them so often that I decided antibiotics are not the answer. The past few times I’ve had them I just drink water, take cranberry capsules, and sometimes when they were really bad I would take AZO for the pain. I have noticed that it IS possible to cure them with out antibiotics. This time around, it seems I need to do something else. Do you personally think garlic capsules are the best way to go? I haven’t tried them yet, but it seems like you highly recommend them. Thanks!

    – Carly

    • Hello Carly
      Cranberry capsules can only take you so far, I found. Garlic is excellent for healing the bladder infections and I have recently learned the power of Vitamin C in preventing them! The Vitamin C clears the bad bacteria out of the urinary tract and it really works!!!! It is best to take the Vitamin C powder or capsules for best absorption.

  10. My 3 year old suffers with utis frequently and antibiotics don’t help. I started her on the powder with cranberry and d-mannose at a lower dose than I take. One capsule morning and evening before meals. I couldn’t find any info for kids but a person at the health food store said it couldn’t be harmful. Do you know what dosage I should go by or if she should take it at all?

    Thank you


    • I don’t know what the brand name is of the product you are giving her but both ingredients are excellent for UTIs. The rule of thumb is that you can safely double the dose of what any label says is safe for an adult. Then look at your child’s weight compared to a typical adult weight of 150 lbs. If your child is 60 lbs, that is about half of a typical adults weight and therefore your child can have about half the dose that the label says is safe for an adult. If your child has diarrhea then you know to cut back on the dose. I have found that Camu Camu (a potent vitamin C powder) is an incredible preventer of bladder infections if taken daily – it kills the bad bacteria in the urinary tract.

  11. Thank you so much for this post! It is the simplest answer I’ve ever seen! I have struggled with these for years and during pregnancy’s had kidney infections. I have half heartedly taken herbal remedies in the past to no avail. But now that I have another am heading strait to the health food store to get everything on you’re list. Just started reading about antibiotics, there already in most of our food to begin with! And I had NO IDEA that Candida effects UTIs as well and have only seen the link to that and yeast infections in the past. If I wasn’t getting my act together with eating better before, with 3 UTIs a year its a good reason to start ASAP!
    Thanks again.

    • Thank you for your feedback! I know; this information is very hard to find and it’s extremely frustrating. I wish you the best of success with these new approaches.


  12. Hi, names Michelle I’m 23 years old. so I I am pretty sure I’ve had my bladder infection for a couple weeks now but I finally went to the doctors because I’ve been in a lot of pain and they checked to see if I had one and it was positive. I was told garlic pills as well as oregano oil helps clear it up in three depending on the person. I we garlic helps but will the oregano oil capsules help and how? This bladder infection is affecting my schooling, my job and playing with my kids. So I need to know if the oregano will help while taking the garlic capsules

  13. Hi Meredith!

    Finding your page has been a god send! I would say there was a period of 6 months I was getting a uti/cystitis ATLEAST once a month and truly it is dehabilitating and depressing. Antibiotics work for me and then the infection rears it’s ugly head again the next month but now I’ve started taking odourless garlic capsules from the health food shop once a day everyday and it has not come back for 3 months. I also once a week drink water with a little UVA Ursi in there too- just for my own peace of mind as this always used to ease the symptoms. I’ve also cut out the amount of tea I used to drink (I am British- there is your clue!) which I think was a huge trigger for me also. Thanks for your insight on this! I’m from the uk and it’s comforting to see that it isn’t just me who has suffered but women around the world.

    • I am thrilled this helped you!! I know the garlic has worked for me whenever I have had any type of infection. Because of the amount of antibiotics you have had, you may want to take some probiotics to restore the good bacteria in your body. I have a couple of posts on probiotics that you might want to read. Thank you for writing!! Happy New Year!!

  14. Hi Meredith!

    Recently my mother got a severe UTI/cistitis (by E.coli) that requires heavy antibiotics treatment and IV. My family and me are in emotional shock because my mother is a extremely healthy women (almost illness-free) and see her in that pain and so weak in her bed (if you look her face is so sad, very pale and dehydrated). I was crying a lot see her in that condition. With treatment she’s getting better, but right now my dad and me have starting symptoms of UTI (not quite severe, but a far sensation of urine pain). Reading you blog I think that maybe we are dealing with a emotional UTI? or just a coincidence? We don’t want to take antibiotics, but we started with your recommendation (a lot of water, watermelon, garlic, etc, etc). What do you think? Best Wishes!

    • Hello Nadia
      Yes, that could very well be. Please have a look at the emotional causes of bladder infections on my blog. If you would like to talk further about this, please suggest a time this weekend in which you can talk for 15 minutes.

      Yours in health,

  15. With recurring infections and kidney stones I have been on long term antibiotics that have destroyed my gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms have gotten worse and the last test showed no bacteria yet I’m in a lot of pain, burning and urging to go constantly and urine is cloudy at times. Have taken D mannose but it isn’t helping the pain. I’m desperate!

    • The emotional cause of these health challenges is anger and resentment. Maybe take a look at your relationships and see where you can make changes. Take Innovite health probiotics up to 5/6 capsules a day, along with garlic capsules and Vitamin C. Please email me if you want to arrange a phone appointment at So sorry for my delay in getting back to social media expert retired recently!

  16. I’m currently treating a uti with 1000mg garlic and 450mg cranberry pills. Should I be taking the recommended dosage on the bottle or more and how often? How much is too much?

  17. Hi!!

    Chronic sufferer of utis, currently experiencing mild symptoms and I really want to heal this one naturally. I heard that ingesting 2 tbls of organic coconut oil and rubbing the oil on the urethra helps ? Have you heard about this method ? Also drinking 2 tbls of raw cinnamon and organic
    Honey with warm water ? I’m currently ingesting dmannose and cranberry supplements along with a probiotic supplement.. I will also try raw garlic.. can u give any advice ?

  18. Hello meredith… I’ve had a uti took 2 cloves of raw garlic once in the morning once at night for 3 days and about 5000mg vitamin c and I was symptom free. 2 days later my uti is back. Did I stop taking the garlic too early.. please how long would you recommend taking the garlic.. and also would garlinase pills work just as well as raw garlic? Thank you

    • You are correct: you didn’t do it long enough. Follow this same protocol for one full week. The pills work great but they are not as concentrated as the raw garlic so you would need to take them closer to 2 weeks. You are most welcome.

  19. Hi Meredith, I have had several bladder infections over the last few years. I test myself and I always have leukocytes, nitrites, and sometimes blood in my urine. They say I have a kidney stone in my left kidney; can this be causing these symptoms? They just gave me another round of Cipro and I really don’t like how I feel or the idea that I have to keep taking antibiotics. I’ve tried Colloidal, oregano oil, and some garlic but I guess I’m not taking enough. I have some garlenase5000 the actual garlic is 325mg; how much of that can I take a day to get rid of the infection? or oregano? or colloidal? or all three together? I thought you should rotate every 10 days or so. I need help. Thank you, joni

    • Because you were on so many antibiotics, you likely have candida. Your best bet is to do a candida cleanse called Candigone by Renew Life. The kit contains all the instructions inside. Nutritionists suggest leaving fruit in the diet while you do the cleanse, just so you know. For the bladder infection, take 2 capsules of the garlic with astragalus by Kyolic and 2 capsules of some good probiotics every 3 hours for a number of days until your symptoms go away and then another 2 days just for good measure. Sorry for my delay! I was in a multiple day course.

  20. Hi thank you for you site.. I’m having my first real bladder infection.. so painful when I pass urine…I’m drinking Lemon in water and apple cider vinegar and taking four capsules of a good pro biotic aimed at urinary tract health which has cranberry extract,…this is day 1.5 .. how do you ingest so much raw garlic if you can’t get garlic capsules quickly? Also my mum had a consultant tell her not to drink cranberry as it aggravates things….Thanks so much

    • You don’t need as much raw garlic as you would capsules! Even half a pea-size of crushed garlic every few hours will do the trick! Lemon can worsen bladder infections if one is sensitive to citrus. Lemon used to cause my bladder infections! So be cautious of that. Cranberry clears out the bad bacteria and only aggravates things when one is sensitive to it. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery!

  21. Have you ever heard of pain and symptoms lasting for months after the bladder infection is gone? I believe my medication damaged my bladder and now it needs time to heal. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You

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