My Baby Is Reacting to Formula

Hello readers!  Over the 10 years that I have had my business, one of the most frequent questions I have been asked is “What do I do when I think my baby is reacting to his formula?”

Speaking from personal experience, this is one of the most distressing obstacles with which a parent has to overcome.  You know how important a baby’s milk is in the first year and so when breastfeeding is not working or you think your baby is not okay with infant formula, the challenge can seem insurmountable.

First of all, I should explain that babies never react to breast milk itself but they can react to the foods that mom is eating and are therefore going into her breast milk.  There will be people who tell you this is untrue but I am here to tell you that this is absolutely true.  I have seen this with my daughters and also, had dozens of clients over the years whose babies have reacted to the foods in the breast milk they are consuming.  When a mother feels her milk is causing pain or suffering in her child, she often decides that she had better stop breastfeeding.  More times than not, reactions to infant formula end up being even greater than the reactions to the foods in the breast milk!

So what are some of the adverse reactions baby experience when being breastfed or bottle fed?

  • Rashes/eczema
  • Colic/excessive gas
  • Reflux/projectile vomiting
  • Fussiness
  • Troubles sleeping
  • Constipation/diarrhea
  • Ear/respiratory infections

If these symptoms are not addressed, they will grow into more symptoms and symptoms will grow into conditions and conditions will grow into more conditions and eventually disease sets in.  If your child has any of these symptoms, please know that help is here for you!

The number one food that is being consumed by mothers that is causing adverse reactions in babies is dairy.  If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, try eliminating dairy from the mother’s diet.  You will know within 4-5 days whether this is a culprit or not.  It may be a culprit and there may be other culprits as well – I suggest looking into the common allergens and try eliminating them next.

Now, say your child is experiencing these adverse reactions from being on formula.  You can first try switching their formula to GentleEase+ (contains soy and corn which are common allergens), Alimentum (contains soy) or Nutrimagen (contains no soy but contains corn).  These formulas are hydrolyzed, which means the cow’s milk is broken down into its more easily digested components and therefore easier to digest.  If these formulas also do not agree with your child, then you can add one or all of the following ingredients to increase digestibility:

  1. Breast milk – provided it does not contain the food to which your child reacts, just one ounce of breast milk increases the digestion of formula
  2. Acidophilus (the most common probiotic) – up to 1 teaspoon added to a bottle improves the health of your child’s intestinal and digestive systems
  3. Flax oil – up to 1 tsp of flax oil in each bottle provides essential fatty acids and increased digestion

Some parents contact me and tell me that they have changed their child’s formula and added these supplements into their bottles and their child is still suffering.  The next step is to book an appointment with a chiropractor, cranial sacral therapist or cranial osteopath to relax your child’s nervous system.  Usually, within one to two appointments with these specialists, you will see improvement in how your child handles their formula. If, however, this is still not the case, you have two choices.  If your child’s symptoms are not horrific, then you may decide to just keep things the way they are until your child turns one, at which time, they can safely come off formula.  Or you can make your own homemade baby formula.  There are all sorts of recipes being provided by naturopaths for this very purpose.  Here are two recipes that are being widely used at this time:

Rice Milk Infant Formula

Combine the below ingredients together and mix well, I prefer using the Magic Bullet for this job. Store in a glass container in the fridge for up to 48 hours, than discard. Try making a 1/4 of the batch first to see if your baby enjoys this option.

4 cups Rice milk (Earth’s Own Ryza brand Original flavor is my first choice)
1 tbsp Blackstrap molasses (iron)
1 tbsp Flax oil (essential fatty acid)
1tbsp Brown rice protein powder (heartlands organic is a good one)
1 tbsp liquid infant multi-vitamin
1 drop of D-drops 400 iu
1/4 tsp Infant probiotics (dairy free)

Genestra is the brand most often recommended for all above supplements but please consult with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist before introducing this or any other formula to your child.

Almond and Hemp Infant Formula

4 cups Almond milk
1 tbsp Blackstrap molasses
1 tbsp Hemp protein powder
1 tsp liquid vitamin C
1 tsp Genestra Pediatravite multi vitamin
2 mL’s Nordic Natural Baby’s DHA 100% Cod Livers
1/2 Capsule of Infant Probiotics (dairy free)

I do caution parents to do everything they can to mitigate their children’s adverse reactions to breast milk and/or formula before introducing solids.  And when you do introduce solids, ensure that you introduce the solids starting with the most easily digested foods first.  I have a DVD available for anyone interested in knowing how to introduce solids to maximize digestibility and avoid adverse reactions to food – it is called First Foods for Baby.

Your first days and months with your new baby can be the experience you always dreamed of when you look into proper nutrition.  Please feel free to send me your comments or questions on this topic.  I think you know by now how passionate I am on the subject of feeding children for their health and happiness!

Until next time,


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  3. Hello. Please, tell me that these are nutritionally complete for a 6 month old!?! DS has a milk protein allergy and he has multiple food intolerance. He failed a few solids and I refuse to introduce them again until we have everything under control. We had horrible peds. I have been wanting to make my own hemp milk and hemp milk formula to try on him for a while now. He failed my breast milk and many formulas, including Nutramigen and EleCare. We are waiting on Neocate now and I am terrified that he will fail that too. Thanks!!!

  4. Hi,

    I am wondering if I can make my own homeade rice milk in place of buying it. Will I still be getting the right nutrition for my baby that way? it looks as if the store bought ones add vitamins.


    • Yes, you can do that. I have never made it but I have made almond milk. The key is to use one of the Lundberg rices due to the contaminants in a lot of the rice these days.

  5. I noticed that the rice milk formula calls for vitamin D but not C, whereas the Almond/Hemp milk formula is the opposite. Any particular reason for that? Which brand do you use for the vitamin C?

    • That is a very good observation Kalua! Rice milk does not naturally contain Vitamin C or D but both are usually added – when you see that the rice milk has been fortified, they have actually added a number of nutrients. Hemp milk contains Vitamin D but not C and often is not fortified because it is so nutrient rich. A Whole Food supplement is best for the Vitamin C i.e. Mega Food.

  6. I came across this looking for answers for my son. He is 9 months old and reacting to a lot. I was advised to stop breastfeeding. Formulas aren’t helping. I would like to make the second recipe. I already make homemade hemp milk regularly. Could I substitute the almond milk for homemade hemp milk?

  7. Hi, just wondering… since nuts can be one of the most allergenic foods to kids, is almond milk a safe alternative to use? My son is allergic to peanuts, almonds, other nuts, etc, and I didn’t know it until he was old enough to try peanut butter. In introducing almond milk this young (in place of formula, breastmilk etc) don’t babies who might be allergic to nuts run a risk?

    • Almond milk is never recommended when there are nut allergies in the family. And peanuts are a far greater problem generally than almonds, due to the toxicity in peanuts, particularly in Ontario. And certainly, almond milk cannot be sent to daycares or schools. Ideally, we should be having a variety of milks at any one time to avoid becoming sensitive to any one milk. Thank you for having me clarify this, Shannon.


  8. Hello, for the rice milk recipe does the flax oil add enough nutritional fat for a 10 week old infant? I’ve seen some other recipes call for coconut and olive oil, and I just want to make sure I am supplementing my baby with enough fat. Thank you!!

      • Thanks so much! Also, I am assuming that the rice milk already has enough sugar in it which is why no added sugar is needed? Also, the rice milk purchased should be fortified, correct? And last, would you recommend this formula for a 10 week old with a milk allergy? Thank you!!

  9. I am having trouble finding a liquid multi vitamin for my homemade rice milk formula that is for my 5 week old. Can I use a multi-vitamin for a 6 month old?

    Also, my baby gulps during feeding, is there anyway to thicken the homemade formula to slow the flow of the formula? I am using the smallest nipple head, but she is a super sucker!


    • Absolutely you can us the same multi-vitamin! The reason your child is gulping so much is likely that she is searching for nutrients. As soon as you gets a good amount of the multi-vitamins in her system, she should slow down. Kindervital is an excellent liquid multi vitamin and mineral.

  10. When using the almond/hemp formula but using Homemade hemp milk instead of almond, is there a hemp milk recipe you recommend? Should I make sweetened milk or unsweetened? Thank you in advance!

  11. Also, why does that formula not regular blackstrap for the iron as does the rice one? Is there enough iron for baby or should she be supplemented?

    • Both recipes call for molasses so I don’t understand your question there. Unsweetened milk is always best. You can replace the almond milk with hemp milk – great job making your own!!!

  12. (Previously posted as Alza84 and forgot that was what i used) I don’t know how I missed the molasses in the hemp and almond one. Thank you!

  13. I am using a kit from radiant life which is supported by Weston a price but I not want to use the raw milks cow or goat or the liver base. Can I use lactose, coconut oil, sunflower, vit c, bovine gelatin and cod liver oil with rice milk recipe. He doesn’t like coconut milk so I want to replace with raw brown rice milk which I will make. He is 7 mos. this is just for a supplement to breast feeding him.

    • Hello Tracy, I would suggest having a look at the recipes that I supply on my blog for what needs to be added to the rice milk. You are free to make it any way you wish but without the unpasteurized milk, it’s really important that your baby gets the good fats and protein in other ways.

  14. Are you a Registered Dietitian? Registered Holistic Nutritionist? Just curious of your credentials in formulating these recipes.. Super excited to try them! Thanks!!!

    • I am a registered holistic nutritionist but I did not create these recipes. Naturopaths, with a specific focus and education in this area created the recipes.

  15. In the rice milk recipe, could the rice milk be replaced by coconut milk? I’m just thinking all that rice might cause constipation…

    • You have that ability to make that switch but often the rice milk is made with brown rice which is generally not constipating. On the other hand, the coconut milk is filled with healthy fat!

      • Ok, so the rice milk is really constipating her, so I’ve been swapping it one cup at a time with coconut milk. But she is at 3/4 coconut milk and still constipated. I also found out that coconut is not good for her blood type – O.. With that in mind, what do you think about 3 cups of rice milk to one cup of pear juice? Calories are similar.. But that would add fiber… Is this something I need a consultation to discuss? Because she is failure to thrive, I need to find a formulation that works as soon as possible. Thanks!

        • Try hemp milk – your baby may need a break from all grains as well as coconut – its very common with failure to thrive babies. If you have further questions, please email me directly or call me at 905-503-1421.

  16. Hello!
    I’m currently trialing this for my 6 week old. He receives about 60- 75% breastmilk…just need something to top him off…;)

    I started with the rice milk option but he’s been super gassy and a bit fussy. Would u suggest almond or coconut milk? Mom also looking into pea protein vs the rice protein…

    I’m not giving up…he’s on neocate right now mixed w his bottles…not my first choice!

    • Rice Original by Pacific Foods is excellent and has no added sugar.
      Ensuring the milk is from brown rice and the milk is enriched are other things to look for. Thank you for writing!


  17. I have been feeding my daughter the homemade rice milk formula for the last 5 days. We breastfeed as well but my health limits the amount of breastfeeding we can do. Up until this point we have been supplementing with doner milk from friends family and the milk banks. Unfortunately the doner milk is mostly come to an end and I have to supplement with formula. Since starting the formula though she has been super gassy and spitting up a lot. She is also having a hard time going to the bathroom. Not sure what to do or if there is a way to tweak the recipe. Also it’s like pulling teeth to get her to drink it unless she is asleep. I am using the genestra brand supplements, unsweetened organic rice milk, organic blackstrap molasses and a raw organic brown rice protein powder. Any suggestions as to what might help? I was hoping after a few days her body would adjust but so far no luck. Also, I am aware that rice on it’s own is not a complete protein. Is that a concern? Should it made be combined with hemp to form a complete protein? Maybe hemp milk and rice protein powder as hemp protein powder is hard to get to dissolve?

    Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Suzzie. You are adding protein powder to this recipe so protein is included. In terms of your baby not liking it though, the hemp milk might appeal to her a little more so you can try giving her that in the recipe instead of using the rice milk as a base.

  18. Hello Cary, Yes this recipe contains all the ingredients needed for a growing infant. I was very careful to only post what was safe. Yes you can use hemp milk instead of the rice milk but why not use the other recipe with the ingredients that fit with the hemp milk?

    • Hi Meredith,

      I just have all the ingredients for the above recipe. I have rice protein powder instead of hemp protein powder. Actually I don’t have flax oil, so I used coconut oil instead. When I made my recipe, I did hemp milk, molasses, coconut oil, rice protein powder, multivitamin, probiotic, DHA drops, and a little turbinado sugar. Does that combination seem ok? Thanks!
      Cary Davis recently posted..Stress – Its Underlying CauseMy Profile

  19. I think you’re recipes are fantastic and cover the bases thoroughly…i was subverting if there was a particular brand of hemp protein powder that you personally recommend? Thank you in advance for your help and for providing such sound recipes and advice <3

  20. Hi! I am going crazy trying to help my 5 month old. He was dianosed at two weeks with a milk protein allergy. He hated neocate and after 3 months of forcing him to drink I looked for alternatives. The GI put him on goats milk. He did pretty well for about 2 weeks but now he is spitting it up a lot and constantly upset. She said he is most likely reacting to the dairy in goat milk. I cannot go back to neocate. I want to try your recipes. I mentioned rice milk and hemp milk to the Gi and she was against it. I read hemp is more suitable for 7 months and older. Is this true? Would truly appreciate any help:(

    • Hi Anne Marie,

      Many children that don’t agree with cow’s milk also do not agree with goat’s milk. Naturopaths do not put an age limit on hemp milk for infants. You are very in tune with your baby, so you will know if he is agreeing with it.
      Wishing you the best of luck! And I am pleased to be of assistance to you.


  21. I’ve been exclusively pumping for my 5 month old with a genetic deletion causing a cleft palate, small chin, small tongue, low muscle tone and a few other things. My milk supply was wonderful but has slowly gone down despite doing everything I can. I can’t keep up with pumping 7 times a day and a baby who is so high maintenance and upset all the time. He is dairy and soy intolerant and I do not want to go the formula route. I’m very interested in hemp milk formula but afraid I will somehow “get in trouble” he is considered failure to thrive and just so tiny. I’ll call his pediatrician tomorrow and chat but I would like to call her fully informed. I love your recipe and it is ok for a 5 month old correct? Also how much should he drink? Does it follow the standards of normal formula as far as quantity? Is it ok to serve warm? And is it ok to mix with breastmilk to get him used to the taste?
    thank you so much

    • Hi Jessy. What a time you have been having! 🙁 If you can email me your phone number, I would like to help you over the phone today or tomorrow for 15 minutes. I have additional information to help you and can answer all your questions. My email address is When you email me your number, please provide some times in which you are free and state if you are in the Eastern time zone. I look forward to helping you!

  22. I’ve made the almond milk recipe (substituting hemp milk for the almond milk) for my one month old LO and he loves it! I breastfed him at first but had to switch him to Nutramigen. It wasn’t any better on his stomach- he actually got worse- so I tried this formula and he was like a completely different baby! All of his digestive problems went away almost immediately and he was so much more alert and happy. A few days later his doctor told us she understood why we put him on this but that she strongly recommended we put him on Neocate; we didn’t feel like we had much of a choice but to go along with that plan. Neocate has been such a hassle and all he does now is cry and scream. He had gotten painfully constipated within 24 hours on it and was for days. After trying multiple remedies he finally started having bowel movements. They’ve been extremely painful and small and all diarrhea. The doctor says his digestive tract will get regulated in another week or so but we couldn’t handle having him in so much constant pain or the constant crying anymore. Everyone in our house is beyond exhausted! Today pushed us past our breaking point and we decided that since our LO was the happiest and seemed the healthiest on the hemp milk formula that we were going to put him back on it. Again, almost immediately, he has been able to fall asleep and is his stomach already seems to be getting better! He just seems so much happier since we put him back on this earlier today!

    Thank you so, so much for this recipe! It has been a life saver!

    • You are most welcome!!! Thank you so very much for taking the time to share this information, Meghan. You were right to stick with your instincts and your baby will benefit indefinitely. Please let me know if I can help you down the line, if you have any other challenges with your son, physically or emotionally.


  23. Hi Meredith,

    I just made my first batch of almond hemp formula for my 7 week old baby and I am so excited to try it. She has been reacting to the cows milk formula that I have been using in addition to breastfeeding. I have a couple of questions about it-
    first, I put it in the blender since you mentioned the magic bullet. It came out very foamy and frothy, and as it sits the foam rises and seems to get bigger and the hemp powder sinks to the bottom. Is it ok that it’s foamy? I always tried to avoid foam with the cows milk formula since my baby has had so much gas pain.
    Also, how do you feel about Dr Schulze vitamin C powder? I haven’t been able to find the Mega food vitamin C in liquid form.
    Lastly, if I use commercially prepared hemp milk in place of the almond milk do I still need to add the hemp protein fiber?

    Thank you so much for your time!


    • 1. I just made my first batch of almond hemp formula for my 7 week old baby and I am so excited to try it. She has been reacting to the cows milk formula that I have been using in addition to breastfeeding. I have a couple of questions about it- first, I put it in the blender since you mentioned the magic bullet. It came out very foamy and frothy, and as it sits the foam rises and seems to get bigger and the hemp powder sinks to the bottom. Is it ok that it’s foamy? I always tried to avoid foam with the cows milk formula since my baby has had so much gas pain.

      I have not heard anyone say this happens. I did not create this recipe so I am unsure as to what to advise on this matter other than to try it on your baby and see how they do.

      2. Also, how do you feel about Dr Schulze vitamin C powder? I haven’t been able to find the Mega food vitamin C in liquid form.

      That vitamin C powder is great. No, Mega food doesn’t make liquid C.

      3. Lastly, if I use commercially prepared hemp milk in place of the almond milk do I still need to add the hemp protein fiber?

      No you would not need to add the hemp powder in this case.

      Thank you so much for your time!

      You are most welcome 🙂

  24. Hi Meredith, I hope you are able to respond to this message. I recently started my 3 month old baby on the formula from Jenn Pike and came across your website as well. I messaged Jenn but have not had a response back yet. I am using tempt hemp milk, 1 tbsp molasses, 1/2 tsp cod liver oil, 2 tbsp hemp protein, 1 D drops and 1/4 tsp probiotic. Im still searching for a multivitamin to add in the formula that has no flavor to it as I am worried my baby will have an allergic reaction. A couple weeks ago, he suddenly had an allergic reaction on the formula he was on and eczema developed on his face and body, that’s why I put him on jenn’s formula when I found it. My baby has improved so much. The eczema cleared on his face and body and he is doing so much better so I am thankful for finding jenn’s recipe. My question is my baby is having like 5 dirty diapers a day. I’m not sure if this is normal but they are big dirty diapers. Should I decrease the molasses or the hemp protein? Is it okay that I’m using tempt hemp milk and not making my own? Do you have any recommendations on a multivitamin? I see that you included vitamin c, should I include that as well? Thanks so much!

    • I would decrease the molasses because of the overload of bowel movements. Yes, it’s okay to purchase the hemp milk. The best multi-vitamin for a baby is by Salus and is called Floradix. I would not add more Vitamin C as it is a natural laxative 🙁

      • Thank you for getting back to me! I really appreciate it. I did decrease the molasses to 1/2 tbsp and also the protein powder to 1 tbsp. He now has about 3 dirty diapers but sometimes they are wet, liquidy. Is that normal? Also I found a multivitamin NovaFerrum with iron. Should I stop the molasses since there’s iron in the multivitamin already? It has 10mg of iron. Thank you again!!

        • Good news! The bowel movements can be wet and liquidy sometimes but shouldn’t be all the time. Yes stop the molasses and see how he does with the multi-vitamin containing iron. If there are still abnormalities with the bowel movements, switch the probiotic he is on to Innovite Health’s junior probiotics – this brand is found at most health food stores and I have helped hundreds of clients by recommending it!

  25. Hi Meredith, me again! Hope you don’t mind me asking you another question. My baby’s bowel movements are good now! Thank you! But now I have another problem. I took my baby in for his well check, he just turned 5 months and he is not thriving! He actually stayed at the same weight as his last appointment in March. His ped is not happy and wants me to go back on store bought formula which I do not want to do because he broke out with full body eczema last time. I am currently not breastfeeding also so I’m very worried. I am not sure what is going on because my baby seems to be doing fine. He loves the formula and his skin is so clear. He’s meeting all his milestones too. Ped said that the formula is lacking calories and carbs. I use 32 oz hemp milk, 1 Tbsp hemp protein powder, 1 Tbsp hemp oil or flaxseed oil (I alternate), 1/4 tsp cod liver oil, 1 ml multivitamin with iron and add probiotics and vitamin c. Is there something that I’m missing nutritionally? Something that I can add in? I really don’t want to go back on store bought formula. If you could help me, I would really really appreciate it! Thank you so much!

  26. Hi, I am currently using a formula recipe for my 4 month old son, he has been getting it since he was 5 weeks old.
    1 cup hemp hearts
    3 cups water
    1 tbsp maple syrup
    1 tbsp black strap molasses
    1/2 vitamin c capsule
    1/4 tsp prebiotic
    1 small slice banana ( as small as a 25 cent piece)

    I stopped the banana because his stools were an awful rotten egg smell, I thought he had a food allergy. After reading this post I added the probiotics to the mix. When I added the probiotics his stool had no smell but now it has smell bad again, not rotten egg but just really bad. What am I doing wrong? What could be the problem?

    I also realize that he does not have a lot of wet diapers so I started giving him water in between meals. He is a big baby wearing 6 month clothes since he was 3 months. He is also a happy baby no weird crying or anything.

    Kindly please help.

  27. Hi, for the rice milk formula I want to use a powdered multivitamin called rainbow light nutristart. My baby is 3 months and the recommended dose is 1/2 a packet for 6 months to 1 year and then a full packet. My question is on the correct dose for the formula? I could not find a good liquid vitamin.

    • I am so sorry for my delay but I was unable to get into word press 🙁 You are safe to use that multi-vitamin and follow the dosage you have shared with me…so you are taking the daily does and dividing it between your child’s 4-5 bottles a day. A daily dose of any supplement can safely be doubled so if your child has more of it in a growth spurt, for example, it’s okay.

  28. Hi Meredith,

    I am the mother of a 4 mo old LO, Oliver, and he is allergic to milk based formulas and I do not produce enough milk due to having had a breast reduction. We are kind of doing this on our own and we don’t want to give him formula with all of the added garbage in it so, although we are using Alimentum until we figure this out, we tried homemade goats milk formula and he really liked it but a few days later was screaming bloody murder. We are not sure if it was the formula or just a bad day, he is a really active baby. So we stopped that and back to the alimentum, he hates the taste of the alimentum as well so I have to mix it with breast milk. Well I went to the lactation consultant to see if there was a way to get my milk up so we didn’t have to use formula and she said she thought that I should just try breastfeeding him only. I tried it for a week. Since then he wakes up almost every hour at night and naps for only a half hour at a time. So now I am back to pumping and my supply has lessened, which is strange because he was eating so much but may be because he had a not so great latch. We tried the rice milk formula you listed and he hated the taste again. I feel like it is the molasses that he dislikes, it smells very strong. In the goatsmilk formula they used maple syrup. I am wondering if I could use that instead of molasses or just use an iron supplement instead or sub it for something else? Im really desperate to find something that he will eat since I have no milk stored and start a new job in 2 weeks and he will not drink the formula without mixing. Please help.

    Thank you,

    Roxann King

    • I would try the two herbs: Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle to get your milk back up. You can find them at most health food stores. A god make of the capsules is Nature’s Way. You can safely double the dose it shows on the label. Also start giving Oliver Innovite Health’s junior probiotics – this will help him become less reactive to everything. It is an incredible make of probiotics that will help his intestine heal and fill his body with the good bacteria he is lacking. He is waking every hour because he is reacting to something you are eating that has gone into your breastmilk. The probiotics will mitigate this but you will likely need to remove things from your diet. Dairy is the worst culprit and then wheat. If you remove a food for 2-3 days, you will notice improvement in him within those 2 or 3 days so you will know quickly what is affecting him. In terms of your other question, do not replace molasses with maple syrup because sugar will make his challenges worse. You can add Salus’ Floravit into the formula instead which is a liquid iron. If you have other questions, we will need to talk…there is a lot to know about what is going on with Oliver! Wishing you all the best!!!

      • Thank you so much for your quick response and advice. I have a few follow up questions. I found the Floravit and it does not state what dosage you should give an infant, how much should we add to the mix? Also for the blessed thistle and fenugreek there are multiple capsule mg sizes, how many mg do you suggest I take? And lastly, I have been on the elimination diet for the last 6 days and had no dairy at all since he was 4 weeks old. I am only eating turkey, squash, potatoes, rice, and pears so I am sure that the diet thing should be cleared up but he is still waking. I am hoping that this will end soon as I am getting exhausted. I have heard that it could be a 4 month sleep regression and that he needs to learn how to fall back asleep by himself, any thoughts on this?

        • Somehow I missed this message until now. I assume you have found your answers but if not, please PM me on The Resourceful Mother Facebook Page. I see that a lot more often 🙂

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