Chiropractors – Vital For Childrens’ Health

bigstock-Chiropractor-with-the-model-of-23236532The modern-day chiropractic system and theory was founded in the United States in 1895.  Today, chiropractors are better known and accepted than many of the other complementary therapists.  They have only started to become widely accepted in caring for babies and children and I believe they are vital for childrens’ health.  When chiropractors work with children, they use a much more subtle and gentler technique than with adults.  This is because children’s bones have not developed fully.

Chiropractic therapy emphasizes the connection between illness and maladjustments in the spine.  It is useful in eliminating any symptom experienced in the body.   Chiropractors believe that certain corrections relax the nervous system.  The nervous system regulates all functions of the body.  The theory behind it is that when vertebrae are even subtly out of place, a break in proper nerve impulse transmission results (i.e. subluxation).  This triggers pain and a body’s defenses can be diminished.  When a chiropractor realigns the vertebrae, using well-controlled and specific techniques, the nervous system is restored to a healthy state.

There are all different kinds of chiropractic care; the primary feature of all chiropractic treatment is the chiropractic adjustment.  One type of adjustment is the manual adjustment where a joint is gently stretched to just beyond its normal range of motion and a “click” is heard.  A child will notice that he or she has more movement in that area and any pain will quickly disappear.  Some chiropractors use “non-force techniques” applying gentle touch along the spine, skull and pelvis.  No clicking or popping sounds are heard with this technique.  Other chiropractors use a hand held instrument called an Activator or torque release method that gently moves the vertebrae.  Another type of chiropractor uses applied kinesiology, which helps balance-opposing muscles, making adjustments more effective.  “Network chiropractors” are newer to the chiropractic field.  They combine a variety of chiropractic techniques depending on the subluxation particulars.

Chiropractors can turn babies around from a breech position.  They help babies that have just been born, checking to make sure that no vertebrae misalignment or abnormal cranial moulding occurred while going through the birth canal.  Chiropractic adjustments can even help in cases where babies have poor sucking capabilities and are not able to properly breastfeed.

Children having falls or even jumping on trampolines or into pools can end up with subluxations and need the help of a chiropractor.  Any child experiencing a symptom, condition or disease can benefit from a chiropractor’s care; the trick is to discover the root cause of those issues.   Chiropractors can assist with:

  • colic,
  • ear infections,
  • eczema,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • headaches,
  • muscle spasms,
  • asthma, and
  • attention deficit disorder

just to name a few.

“An experiment enrolled 81 children with asthma.  After 2 months of chiropractic care, 90% showed a significantly improved quality of life.”  Dr. Kristine Newman BSCH, DC, CACCP newsletter.

Our chiropractor was a tremendous help in eliminating Taylor’s gas, fussiness, colic and constipation when she was a baby.  I still needed to address her root cause, which was adverse food reactions, but her symptoms were completely eliminated with each visit.

One time, Taylor was having troubles breathing.  I had no idea why but thought I would see if our chiropractor could help with something like that.  It turns out she had some subluxations in her neck and as soon as those were adjusted, Taylor was able to breathe normally again.

My hope is that reading this information opens your mind to taking your child to a chiropractor that is recommended to you, even if you only try it once!

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9 thoughts on “Chiropractors – Vital For Childrens’ Health

  1. This is fantastic!!
    Our whole family goes to the Chiropractor. I’ve been going since I was about 19 becuase I have scoliosis. I had a Harrington rod placed when I was 16. Because of this whole procedure and my condition, my chiropractor is a HUGE part of my pain management. I swear by him, and know I could not do it with out him.
    I received chiropractic treatments throughout both of my pregnancies religiously for pain management.
    My daughter who is 10 now, has been receiving treatments since she was about 18 months. My son who is now 5 has been receiving treatments since he was 4 days old 🙂
    My children know when there is an ache, a pain of any sort, they always have me book them an appointment. They have learned at this young age to rely on this treatment vs. drugs.
    I have 2 VERY healthy children thankfully, and I attribute a lot of this to their monthly appointments with our chiropractor.

    • Hi Erin,

      It is so good to hear from you again. Thank you for describing how chiropractic care has helped your family and for explaining the major ways in which it has helped you. I take my girls once a month to their chiropractor and have done so since they were babies. I know this has greatly contributed to their strong immune systems and constitutions. Hope you and your family enjoy the rest of the summer!


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  3. You share some true information about recent acceptance of chiropractic care, especially for children. It’s interesting to hear that they are one of the better known and accepted complimentary practices.

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