Juicing – Maximum Nourishment For You and Your Child

Many of us know that we are to eat approximately 8 servings (the size of our palm, without the fingers) of fruits and vegetables a day but finding the time to consume this amount can sometimes seem like an impossible feat!  Many of us are aware of the possibility of making smoothies, which keeps the fibre in our diet.  But how many of us are aware of the possibility and power of juicing?  Juicing, a process that removes the fibre, allows all nutrients and enzymes to be quickly digested and absorbed by the body – the juice becomes jet fuel for the bloodstream!  Drinking live juice also helps the body quickly rid itself of toxins.

Certain fruits, vegetables and spices can be combined to assist in the healing of certain ailments.  Juicing carrots, celery, garlic and parsley can treat the flu and other infections.  Parsley is a good source of zinc, which promotes healing and boosts the immune system.  Garlic is a natural antibiotic (no need to juice more than one clove per glass of juice).  Carrots and celery are high in potassium and sodium, which are nutrients that can be lost if one has a fever or diarrhea. Carrots also provide energy and help sweeten concoctions.

Any fruits and vegetables can be used for juicing.  Because apples contain malic acid, a compound that assists in generating energy at the cellular level, they are often used in juicing.  Other herbs that are often used in juicing include dandelion greens (an excellent liver detoxifier), fennel (great to use at the onset of any illness due to its anti-inflammatory properties), ginger root (wonderful for digestion and reducing inflammation) and mint (helps with digestion and stomach upset).   It is best to use fresh herbs in the juicing process.  Ensure to check the herb for safety if you are pregnant or have a heart disorder!

Most of us have heard of wheatgrass juice and find that it is offered in many places but find ourselves asking why.  Wheatgrass juice has been called the king of all juices.  It is high in beta-carotene and chlorophyll and is one of the best detoxifiers and blood purifiers available.  It is loaded in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, trace minerals and antioxidants (particularly selenium and vitamins A and E).  It is used in treating all sorts of disorders (particularly liver, lung and colon disorders).  It helps eliminate heavy metals and other toxins.

Dr. Ann Wigmore, founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, cured herself of gangrene drinking wheatgrass and avoided the need for amputation of both her legs.  She actually recovered to such a degree that she ran the Boston Marathon!  Her miraculous recovery is only one of the many stories proving the health benefits of wheatgrass for humans, as well as pets!

The juice you prepare is only as healthy as the fruits and vegetables you use in the juicing process.  Organic fruits and vegetables, albeit not as nutrient rich as the produce our ancestors enjoyed, is the best we have in today’s world.  And then once your organic juice is made, it is best if you consume it as soon as possible!

There are numerous books available on juicing.  Caroline Dupont’s excellent book called “Enlightened Eating” provides readers with numerous, healthy and original food/ meal ideas.  It also suggests the following combinations for making your own juice (many other options are discussed as well):

  1. 3 apples and 3 celery stalks
  2. 3 apples, 1 beet, ½ inch slice of ginger, 1 lemon
  3. 3 carrots, 1 celery stock, 1 apple, 1 cup spinach

I encourage you to enter a whole new world of health and vitality and experience juicing! And feel free to grab a chair and help your child climb up and partake in the fun!

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10 thoughts on “Juicing – Maximum Nourishment For You and Your Child

  1. Meredith spoke at Goodness Me Natural Health Food Store in Hamilton last Tuesday and
    I attended this workshop. This was the first time I had heard her speak and even though
    over the past few years I have learned so much from Shawn Nesbitt a nutritionist as well, I was very impressed with the new knowledge I gained from the talk. Her examples and obvious expertise on her topic of feeding children well to keep them healthy was enlightening and easy to follow. Meredith captivated her audience and made everyone feel comfortable no matter where they were on the learning scale for eating healthier and feeding their children to promote good health. She suggests realistic ways to start the process in order to ensure success and rather than lecture she tactfully shares her ideas and lets the audience absorb them and know that they are the ones who in the end must decide what they will do with the information. I would encourage anyone wanting to learn more about feeding their babies and children well to attend Meredith’s next workshop in your area. Excellent Presentation
    Pat Ashby

    • Well, Pat, I could not have been given greater compliments than the ones you have just bestowed upon me. You captured the true essence of how I see my role as a nutritionist – to provide parents with the information they need so that they are able to understand, choose and implement the aspects of nutrition that make sense and meet the specific needs of their family. Thank you very much for writing and for letting other parents know that help is out there if they want it.

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  3. I truly believe in the benefits of juicing and am an avid juicer but wonder how old my daughter needs to be before I can start giving her the juices? She is 12 months and recently developed an allergy to her formula, (just when I was about to start phasing her off of it) so I am at odds as to what to feed her and thinking is if she can get some of the missing nutrition from juice it would be great.

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