9 Ways to Cleanse The Body and Eliminate Toxins

ThirstyAs a Pediatric Nutritionist, I often counsel parents on ways they can raise a healthy child. It isn’t just about how we feed our children but how we help them cleanse their bodies and eliminate toxins as well.

The 4 most important ways in which to raise a healthy child are to:

  1. Remove the foods to which your child is reacting adversely.
  2. Provide your child with good bacteria (probiotics).
  3. Feed your child healthy, good quality, clean and alive food.
  4. Ensure that your child is eliminating the toxins from their body.

Simply complying with steps 1-3 listed above, helps keep your child’s body free of toxins.  But there are additional ways for cleansing your child’s body of toxins.  The body is most supportive of cleanses in the springtime because the body naturally wants to lighten its load once the warmer weather comes.

You can choose a minimum of one idea from this list of 9 items each day to eliminate the toxins from your child’s body:

  • Feed your child detoxifying foods, which include beans, eggs, garlic, onion, green powders, flax seeds and organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Feed your child raw, seasonal fruits and vegetables – these foods are cooling and the body craves cooling foods at this time of year versus winter where the body craves warming foods i.e. more cooked foods.
  • Provide your child with detoxifying vitamins and minerals: Vitamin C, Vitamin A (cod liver oil), and Zinc are examples.
  • Provide your child with lots of water (see prior post on this subject).
  • Encourage your child to exercise.
  • Provide your child with Epsom salt baths (about half a pound per bath).
  • Visit a naturopath or homeopath for homeopathic pellets or drops that cleanse the body.
  • Have your child spend time in an Infrared sauna – a newer type sauna where one can remain inside, sweating for a long time without suffering ill effects and not overheat.  These saunas even eliminate the heavy metals that accumulate in our bodies from tap water, vaccinations and mercury fillings.
  • Have your child spend time laying on a Biomat (please email me for further information on this incredible mat made of healing amythysts).

The final idea that you may want to consider is doing a colon, candida or parasite cleanse on your child.  A colon cleanse is needed if your child is not regularly having good-sized bowel movements.  The candida cleanse is needed when a child is experiencing: brain fog, troubles concentrating, adverse reactions to foods, weight gain or, has had a lot of antibiotics, sugar or yeast (from breads or baked goods) in their life.

There is a host of other candida symptoms that indicate the presence of too much yeast in the body i.e. candida.  Parasites are responsible for an even longer list of symptoms (see prior post), some of which include car sickness, weight loss, and a distended stomach.  Please contact me for a thorough understanding of how to perform any of these cleanses on your child.

Feel free to refer my book, The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Healthy Kids, for more information on all aspects of this blog post.

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