The Resourceful Mother - Meredith DeasleyOur bodies keep communicating with us, whether we like it or not. In fact, if we do not pay attention to our children’s symptoms, however minor they might seem, the symptoms will multiply and then turn into conditions. Conditions then turn into disease. It’s as simple as that. And good nutrition, as well as healthy emotions, can improve, if not eliminate, all symptoms, conditions and disease.

The information in our packages/seminars has helped to make large health improvements for many children. The Resourceful Mother can provide invaluable information in the following ways:

1. One-on-one Customized Nutritional Consultation – For individualized needs not addressed in the consultation packages described below.
2. Mentoring Consultation – Consultation for nutritionists wanting to specialize in children’s nutrition.
3. Life Coaching Consultation – A conversation between Meredith and your child (2+ years).
4. Nutrition Seminars
5. Nutrition Seminar Handouts
6. Nutrition Consultation Packages
7. Food Sensitivity Testing – Meredith can test for sensitivity to a wide range of foods, using the ‘Interro machine’.
8. BIOMAT Sessions – Have a session on Meredith’s Biomat and enjoy the health benefits from negative ion therapy, far infrared rays, and the healing properties of Amethyst crystals.
Learn more.
9. Zyto Compass Readings – The ‘Zyto Compass’ utilizes ‘Galvanic Skin Response’ technology to establish the order in which nutritional supplements will be beneficial for a given individual.
Learn more.
10. Camp Talks – The Resourceful Mother will come out to a children’s camp for nutrition talks and cooking lessons.

Helpful Products available for purchase:

1. Book: The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Healthy KidsLearn more.
Note: Meredith’s book is available in all Mastermind stores.
2. CD – ‘Secrets to Healthy Kids’ audio book.
3. DVD – ‘First Foods for Baby’ on DVD.
4. Seal Oil – available in liquid and capsule form.

Life Coaching Consultations

Kids Coaching Connection
Kids Coaching Connection is an internationally renowned and award winning program for its positive impact on kids and youth. It is endorsed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Meredith’s role as a Kids Coaching Connection coach is to help children and teens deepen their relationships with themselves and others so that they find life to be a truly rewarding experience.

The Journey for Kids
‘The Journey for Kids’ was developed by Brandon Bays. It offers practical tools for partnering with your child in liberating their innate genius and letting their natural abilities shine. It is designed to remove their emotional blocks and physical challenges. All it is is a conversation that takes place between your child and Meredith. Eight-year old Matthew was diagnosed with ADD. He was withdrawn, hostile and failing at school. After three journey processes, he is now warmly affectionate and top of the class.

Nutrition Seminars for Parents:

Understanding the Impact of Food on Your Child’s Health (see flyer) – increasing the awareness and understanding of food sensitivities. Extensive literature from the 1.5 hour talk is available for purchase or you may attend Prenatal Plus Centre in Newmarket to hear the talk.
First Foods for Baby (see flyer, also performed at Prenatal Plus Parenting Centre. See links section) – describing how to introduce solids to your baby in order to minimize the onset of food sensitivities and maximize digestion. This is a 2-hour in-depth seminar, endorsed by Natural Health Centres in York Region.
Terrific Toddlers (see flyer) – describing the most nutrient-rich foods for 1-4 year olds, how to deal with picky eaters, make meals interesting and feed your child in order to prevent and treat various ailments.
Smart Eating for a Healthier Child (see flyer) – describing the biggest culprits for food reactions, the healthier alternatives, supplements needed at his age and how to integrate healthy eating into your family’s lifestyle.
Healthy, Happy Beautiful Teens (see flyer) – diet solutions to common teen issues.
Indigo and Crystal Children in an Unnatural World (see flyer) – describing how best to feed these unique personalities.
Energizing Moms Through Nutrition (see flyer) – addressing moms’ health so that moms can be the best example possible for their children.
Fast Food for Healthy Children (see flyer) – what to do when fast foods are your only option.
Handouts for all of the above seminars are available for purchase.

Nutrition Seminars for Schools:

Smart Eating for a Healthier Child (see flyer) – designed for parents – describing the biggest culprits for food reactions, the healthier alternatives, supplements needed at this age and how to integrate healthy eating into your family’s lifestyle.
You Are Beautiful (Grades 4 and up – see flyer) – designed for students – describing the impact food really has on the body – how one feels, looks, and does in school. Healthier foods (and serving sizes) are discussed and presented for tasting. Children are also taught how to know when they might be reacting to a food. Lunch ideas and other handouts are included.
Seminars for schools are given at the school with the cost depending on the school’s budget.

Nutrition Seminars for Corporations:

Understanding the Impact of Food on Your Body (see flyer) – helping adults understand which foods are the biggest culprits for poor health and what to do about it. Symptoms lead to conditions, which lead to disease.
Rescue for Briefcase Moms (see flyer) – helping working mothers know how to feed their children in order to optimize their health without spending long in the kitchen.
Simply contact Meredith to learn the next date that each course is offered. Meredith offers seminars on a frequent basis, and by request. If a group of at least 4 parents would like to get together to attend any of the seminars, The Resourceful Mother would be happy to travel to one of their homes. The individual that organizes this seminar, will attend the seminar free of charge! If you do not live in the Greater Toronto Area, simply contact Meredith and she will forward extensive literature, covering the seminar material.

Nutrition Consultation packages

Our Consultation packages can be delivered to you in person, over the telephone, by e-mail or by mail.

The Resourceful Mother helps parents:
1. Detect Food Sensitivities – Recognize which foods are causing your child’s symptoms (even if your child is solely breastfed)
• Learn which symptoms can be caused by food sensitivities
• Better understand your child’s particular symptom(s)
• Become educated on the most accurate testing methods for food sensitivities

2. Feed your Child – Learn how to feed your child to minimize food sensitivities and maximize health (see Seminars for information on this subject)
• Understand the alternatives to dairy, wheat, sugar, and other common allergens
• Follow a rotation diet, if needed
• A Healthy Recipe Substitution List outlining what healthy ingredients (e.g. Maple sugar) can be substituted for unhealthy ingredients (e.g. white refined sugar)

3. Acquire Food Ideas – Unfortunately, good-tasting recipes for people with food sensitivities are hard to come by.
• Recipes, customized to your child’s particular food sensitivities
• Snack and meal ideas catered to children
• Ways to make food more interesting for children who are unable to eat a large variety of foods

4. Understand Supplements – Effective supplements, found at any health food store, will help heal your child’s intestinal wall and replenish the good bacteria.
• Learn which supplements are most helpful
• Receive information on each supplement
• Better understand food sensitivities by acquiring knowledge of the digestive system

5. Navigate Health Stores – If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, The Resourceful Mother will accompany you to the health store for 1 hour to help you learn how to read the ingredient labels and find the best-tasting and most effective brand names.

6. Prepare for Social Functions and Travel – Find ways to ensure your food-sensitive child still…
• Holds and attends birthday parties
• Attends special occasions
• Goes trick-or-treating!
• Travels anywhere in the world

7. Prevent Food Sensitivities – There are many ways to prevent the onset of food sensitivities and optimize digestion (see Seminars for comprehensive information on this subject)
• Prior to conception and in utero
• While breast or formula feeding
• When introducing solids
• General nutritional advice

8. Comprehend the Link Between Diet and Disease – Any chronic childhood illness e.g. Asthma, Juvenile Diabetes, ADD/ADHD and Autism, to name a few, can be assisted by eliminating food sensitivities and implementing a healthier diet. Learn some of the underlying causes behind these conditions and 10 smart strategies for prevention.

9. Understand Complementary Therapies – Complementary therapies can minimize the symptoms caused by food, e.g. chiropractors, cranial osteopaths, cranial sacral therapists, homeopaths, massage therapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, and others.

10. Cope – As a parent, who has gone through it, The Resourceful Mother will help you cope with everything that is involved in having a child with food sensitivities.
She will share her philosophy as to:
• Why food sensitivities can positively influence the health and happiness of your child
• How you will be able to discuss food sensitivities with your child, family members, caregivers, and even strangers to obtain the most support from and for your child

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