10 Ways to Use Your Body as a Road Map

body map Every aspect of our bodies can tell us a story about our physical and emotional wellbeing – a road map so to speak.  Here are 10 ways to use the wealth of information our bodies share with us about our physical wellness:

Nails – Longitudinal ridges could represent a Vitamin A, protein or calcium deficiency or a thyroid or circulation challenge.  Longitudinal lines could represent malabsorption, which means that vitamins and minerals are not being properly absorbed.  Horizontal ridges come about after a fever, infection, inflammation, menstrual problems or a period of protein deficiency or they can be caused by malnutrition.  White spots on the nails can be caused by a calcium or zinc deficiency.  Peeling nails can be caused from a zinc or essential fatty acid deficiency.  Chronic nail chipping is usually damage from household chemicals.

Feet and toes – Fungus under the toe nails is usually caused by a fungal infection (Vitamin B deficiency) or candida.  Very dry feet can be caused by a lack of essential fatty acids (EFA) or hypothyroidism.  Cold feet are another sign of hypothyroidism.

Tongue – A white coated tongue can be caused by intestinal putrification or candida.  White patches on the tongue can be attributed to a deficiency of B Vitamins.  A sore red tongue can be caused by a folic acid or Vitamin B deficiency.  A purplish red tongue often results when there is a Vitamin B5 deficiency.

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