6 Physical Symptoms You Wouldn’t Think are Related to Food

Over 200 physical symptoms, conditions and diseases that you wouldn’t think are related to food can actually be caused or worsened by food.  We eat food every few hours, all day long; it is the main substance that we ingest yet many of us refuse to believe its impact on the body.  “The incidence of diet-related problems is greater than the incidence of any other type of illness affecting mankind.”  James Breneman.  What are 6 of these diet-related problems?

Bedwetting – When children pass the age of 5 and they are still wetting the bed, they are usually reacting to a food.  The most common culprits are dairy, wheat and sugar.  What happens is that the bladder becomes inflamed from any of these foods and swells to such a degree that it cannot hold as much urine and therefore needs to be emptied more frequently.

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