Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)

The Most Overlooked Nutritional Deficiency in Today’s Children

22351234_sa copyThe #1 nutritional deficiency in children today is Essential Fatty Acids. EFAs boost metabolism, energy levels, improve digestion, build the immune system and promote cellular healing.  It is most important that you and your child consume EFAs, as our bodies cannot manufacture them.  We need to obtain them from breast milk, foods or supplements.

From the time your baby is conceived until the age of two, the brain and nervous system are forming new tissue and creating neural pathways, which pave the way for learning.  Children are particularly dependent on EFAs for brain development; without them their brains cannot grow to their full potential; EFAs are literally that important.

Cells and organs will degenerate if EFAs are not consumed.  EFAs also inhibit inflammation, which is what occurs when common allergens are consumed and each time we react adversely to food.  In addition, Essential Fatty Acids help heal the intestinal wall, lubricate the intestine and soften stools.

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