The Energetics of Nutrition

bigstock-Beautiful-caucasian-woman-enjo-45268165Last September, a beautiful soul departed the earth.  Her name was Jade Altavilla.  She was the healer that propelled me to whole new heights and she was the teacher of Body, Mind, Spirit at the Canadian School of Nutrition.  A few months before she passed on, Jade posed these questions to me: “Why do we think, as holistic practitioners, that we can heal everyone?  Who gave us that power?” Jade was well versed in the energetics of nutrition but was fully aware of our limits as human beings.

Last September, my other amazing nutrition teacher, who had one of the healthiest pregnancies you could ever imagine, lost her son at only one week old because he was born with lungs and kidneys that were too small for his body.

My mother-in-law, Shirley, also passed on in September, a few years ago.  I reflect back to when her son asked me if nutrition and naturopathy could have saved her, if she had followed the protocol she was prescribed.  Knowing our limits, my response was “It’s hard to say.” But I clearly remember the incredible peace and wisdom that Shirley exuded in the time leading up to her death that had not existed to the same extent in the years prior.

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