Helping Individuals Clear their Emotional Blocks

mental blockYou all know that I absolutely love what I do with my life coaching but I felt the need to explain in greater detail why it fascinates me so much!!!
A boy in his twenties came to me, who had been depressed for a couple of years. Within a few sessions of asking him powerful questions (that is their actual name) and doing some sub-conscious work, he realized that he didn’t want to become successful because he didn’t want his mother to take the credit. Wow! You see how our thoughts determine our reality? I helped him understand this concept and then asked him if he was done suffering…I then helped him forgive his mother and set goals for his future. He is now in law school and, last time I saw him, he was literally on top of the world.

“Any belief that contradicts our innate greatness needs to be addressed if we want to meet our own needs” Meredith Deasley – The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Emotional Health

A woman in her thirties came to me to help her put an end to her emotional eating, which she had been doing for years. In our third session together, we uncovered that she had not forgiven herself for marrying her husband! You might think that the solution would have to been to help her end her marriage but you would be wrong! We just needed to determine how she was going to turn things around with him by coming to love herself first. I ended up teaching her at CSNN and was pleased to learn that she was now happy in her relationship.

“When we bare our souls and speak from the deepest parts of ourselves, with complete honesty and humiliation, we allow ourselves to heal.” Meredith Deasley – The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Emotional Health

A woman in her forties came to me to help her live the life she had always wanted for herself. It turns out that she had not forgiven herself for something her father had forced her to do as a child. She had never told anyone about this incident before. Knowing what I knew of her father, I asked her if he had threatened to kill her if she did not comply with his wishes. She said that that is exactly what he had done. I explained that a young child will do anything to survive and that she can stop blaming herself. Suffering ceases to be suffering when we form a clear picture of it in our minds. My client began setting healthy boundaries with the men in her life from that point forward. She is now slowly taking the steps to living the live she always wanted for herself.

“It is when we allow our negative stories to define us and determine what is possible for ourselves that we stifle our growth as individuals” Meredith Deasley – The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Emotional Health

Ironically, we already are what we spend our lives trying to be. My job is to help others see their own greatness. Now do you see why I love what I do so much?

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The Energetics of Nutrition

bigstock-Beautiful-caucasian-woman-enjo-45268165Last September, a beautiful soul departed the earth.  Her name was Jade Altavilla.  She was the healer that propelled me to whole new heights and she was the teacher of Body, Mind, Spirit at the Canadian School of Nutrition.  A few months before she passed on, Jade posed these questions to me: “Why do we think, as holistic practitioners, that we can heal everyone?  Who gave us that power?” Jade was well versed in the energetics of nutrition but was fully aware of our limits as human beings.

Last September, my other amazing nutrition teacher, who had one of the healthiest pregnancies you could ever imagine, lost her son at only one week old because he was born with lungs and kidneys that were too small for his body.

My mother-in-law, Shirley, also passed on in September, a few years ago.  I reflect back to when her son asked me if nutrition and naturopathy could have saved her, if she had followed the protocol she was prescribed.  Knowing our limits, my response was “It’s hard to say.” But I clearly remember the incredible peace and wisdom that Shirley exuded in the time leading up to her death that had not existed to the same extent in the years prior.

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Educating Kids To Make Healthy Food Choices

bigstock-Healthy-or-unhealthy-eating-li-44026828The secret to educating your child to make healthy food choices, is to make the connection between what your child eats and how they feel.  I will share an example of how I did this, many years ago, with one of my children.  My daughter, Paige was only two years old and had recently started school.  At my girls’ school, snacks were laid out on a table for all the children to indulge in whenever they liked.  This is the way some Montessori schools work.  Talk about the most challenging situation for a child you are trying to feed healthily!  For two months, Paige only ate her own snacks that I provided for her.  She knew not to eat the other children’s foods, however tempting they appeared.  Then, she started sneaking cups of juice filled with sugar and chemicals.  As well, after school, she and her friend would head off around the side of the school and Paige would share her friend’s snack, thinking that the parents couldn’t see them.  Remember, Paige was young and hadn’t as yet experienced any consequences from eating the wrong foods.  The second time that I saw Paige sharing her friend’s snack, I asked her to stop.  Not wanting to listen to me, yet looking right at me, she rammed a cookie into her mouth faster than I believed possible. Then she proceeded to grab her friend’s last cookie and stuff it into her mouth just as quickly as the first.  The other parents and I stifled our laughs, while at the same time, trying to control the situation.

Sure enough, Paige didn’t have any bowel movements for days as a result of her forays.  She didn’t sleep well and became pale and unhappy.  Then, one morning, she started hitting the other children at school and her teacher raised it as an issue with me.  That day, while driving home from school, I asked Paige if she was hitting the other children and then asked her “Do you feel good inside when you hit other children?”  Her reply, of course, was “ No.”  I asked her if she noticed she wasn’t going to the bathroom or sleeping well, either.  I pointed out to her that when she didn’t feel well or hit other children, it was because she was eating foods that were bad for her.  I then asked her if she would try to eat only her own foods for the next couple of days, just to see if she felt better.  She agreed.

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