Helping Individuals Clear their Emotional Blocks

mental blockYou all know that I absolutely love what I do with my life coaching but I felt the need to explain in greater detail why it fascinates me so much!!!
A boy in his twenties came to me, who had been depressed for a couple of years. Within a few sessions of asking him powerful questions (that is their actual name) and doing some sub-conscious work, he realized that he didn’t want to become successful because he didn’t want his mother to take the credit. Wow! You see how our thoughts determine our reality? I helped him understand this concept and then asked him if he was done suffering…I then helped him forgive his mother and set goals for his future. He is now in law school and, last time I saw him, he was literally on top of the world.

“Any belief that contradicts our innate greatness needs to be addressed if we want to meet our own needs” Meredith Deasley – The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Emotional Health

A woman in her thirties came to me to help her put an end to her emotional eating, which she had been doing for years. In our third session together, we uncovered that she had not forgiven herself for marrying her husband! You might think that the solution would have to been to help her end her marriage but you would be wrong! We just needed to determine how she was going to turn things around with him by coming to love herself first. I ended up teaching her at CSNN and was pleased to learn that she was now happy in her relationship.

“When we bare our souls and speak from the deepest parts of ourselves, with complete honesty and humiliation, we allow ourselves to heal.” Meredith Deasley – The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Emotional Health

A woman in her forties came to me to help her live the life she had always wanted for herself. It turns out that she had not forgiven herself for something her father had forced her to do as a child. She had never told anyone about this incident before. Knowing what I knew of her father, I asked her if he had threatened to kill her if she did not comply with his wishes. She said that that is exactly what he had done. I explained that a young child will do anything to survive and that she can stop blaming herself. Suffering ceases to be suffering when we form a clear picture of it in our minds. My client began setting healthy boundaries with the men in her life from that point forward. She is now slowly taking the steps to living the live she always wanted for herself.

“It is when we allow our negative stories to define us and determine what is possible for ourselves that we stifle our growth as individuals” Meredith Deasley – The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Emotional Health

Ironically, we already are what we spend our lives trying to be. My job is to help others see their own greatness. Now do you see why I love what I do so much?

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Life Coaching for me…

life coachingI was recently on a boat with a group of men that I didn’t know…yes, myself and four men…and they were guy’s guys, hard working, down-to-earth men. A few hours into the trip, they asked me what I did for a living. When I told them I was a life coach, one of them said “Well, I always thought that was rather a bogus profession. You are not a therapist and you are not a psychologist; what can a life coach really do?” Oh, how I love honesty… and challenging individuals; it must be the Aquarian in me. I responded by saying “Well, actually, the people I help the most with life coaching are guys in their twenties that are suicidal. They don’t want to see a therapist or a psychologist; most people don’t. I help these guys see themselves, their lives, and the people in it, with new perspective.” The men asked me if I had ever lost one of them and I was happy to tell them that I had not.

They asked me who else I help. I told them that one of my favourite things to do is to help family members or couples, who do not get along, forge a closeness they haven’t experienced in years, if ever. I told them that I could help any two individuals become close to one another, as long as they had the desire to become closer to one another. I explained that I have them stand on hearts and speak from their hearts to one another (as opposed to speaking from their heads) and that by the end of emptying their hearts, they stand together, on their two hearts, fully understanding one another and united.

The men were definitely interested in this. They asked me what helps me the most in my coaching. I said “My lack of judgment; I have come to understand that it’s very rare. When people know that I truly understand and love them, they feel safe to really open up and share their deepest fears and regrets with me. Their ability to be completely honest with me, allows me to truly help them.” This, of course, begs the question “How can you love people you have just met?” And my answer is “Because when you go through challenge after challenge and you come to love and forgive yourself, as well those that hurt you, you can’t help but be brimming with love for everyone that crosses your path.” Thank goodness, we didn’t have this part of the conversation or the guys would have likely thrown me overboard!

There are four other tools that help me with my life coaching:
1. The powerful questions that I ask so that my clients can search within themselves for their right answer and insight. I can never know the right answer for a client nor can I know when the timing is right for them to make a change.
2. My knowledge of holistic nutrition so that we can determine if there is a nutrient deficiency contributing to their lack of energy, depression or other challenge. And so that I can explain the emotional connection to their physical challenge or to any food/drink cravings they might have.
3. My ability to present individuals with options as to how to look at things and how to move forward. I find that people can’t always have the perspective they need on their own lives.
4. This one is my secret…only my clients know it!

I have been an accredited life coach since 2012 but I have studied people physically, mentally and emotionally my whole life. Don’t ask me about world events, finances or technology. Ask me about people and I will tell you everything you want to know. I am honoured to have been asked to help the suicidal teens in Woodstock, Ontario; I go there tomorrow with a group of other life coaches.

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Nutrition in Simple Terms – Back to Basics

Mum’s Original™ Products

I attended my first LIPS (Ladies in Philanthropy for Southlake) event at Nature’s Emporium Health Store the week before last.  I had no idea of what to expect but low and behold, the keynote speaker explained nutrition in the clearest manner I had ever experienced in all the years I have been attending nutrition seminars and classes.

Ann Barnes surrendered her legal career to start a company that is improving the health of this world at a rapid pace. It is called Mum’s Original™. Each of the women in the large audience were given a copy of Ann’s book called Better Being and a box containing samples of 8 of the different Mum’s Original™ products plus two different cookies made of two different sets of ingredients from Ann’s products.  Ann proceeded to explain the health benefits of eating hemp, chia, gogi berries, oats, cacao, coconut sugar, banana powder and quinoa while we, the audience had the opportunity to try each food.  What a delightful way to learn!  Ann’s generosity was truly unheard of but so fully appreciated by the ladies in attendance.

So, a little about Mum’s Original™….  They make some of the healthiest and best-tasting foods available to mankind.  Their “back to basics” approach to sensible food, conscientious farming and wholesome goodness embraces many of the simple principles our grandparents understood. Natural and organic ingredients are farmed the old fashioned way, combined and then sold in eco-friendly packaging.  There are no man-made toxins in the farming or production and all products are non-GMO and grown without herbicides or pesticides.

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Ways to Feed Your Brain

bigstock-Human-brain-left-and-right-fun-27911288With proper diet, nutrition, and memory use, your brain can remain sharp and active well into your nineties.  Many of you have been reading my blog for over a year now and have learned about the impact of nutrition on the body but may have wondered how much food impacts memory, speed and capacity of learning, attention, mood and behaviour.  You may be surprised to learn that keeping your body healthy is actually the best way to feed your brain and keep it healthy.

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD is the author of “The UltraMind Solution,” a book I highly recommend and from which I will draw information and share with you.  He states that a 53-year old man with lifelong bipolar disease and depression experienced relief for the first time in thirty years after tuning up his brain function with folate and vitamins B12 and B6.  He explains that a 3-year old boy with violent behaviour calmed down after balancing his blood sugar and clearing out toxic bacteria from his intestine. A 23-year old woman’s anxiety and depression lifted after she stopped eating the foods to which she was allergic. A 70-year old man, who was losing his memory and had been diagnosed with early dementia, removed the mercury from his body, and was able to work and function normally again.

Miracles happen every day in the world of natural health.

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Dealing With Stress Over the Holidays

16513267_sAt this busy time of year, some of you may be wondering just how you are going to survive each day.  Your children might be small, you may have many family members and friends for whom you want to buy gifts, you may have many parties to attend and of course, there are still meals to prepare and housework to be done.  And maybe you have to go to work each day right up until your festivities begin!  And you are rushing, rushing and rushing to get it all done and still make things meaningful for yourself and those you are closest to.  How do you do it all?  How do you keep your energy levels up and your focus clear?

You start the day by taking a few minutes to yourself.  You set the alarm 5-10 minutes prior to needing to get out of bed and simply lay still for those minutes, listening to the sound of your own breathing.  You use the last minute or so to determine exactly what you need to do that day.  Do you really need to cook a nice dinner tonight or can you open up a can of Eden Organic baked beans and boil some turkey dogs for the kids and make sandwiches for you and your spouse?  Do you really need to get one more present for your aunt?  Isn’t it the gesture that matters far more than the monetary value of each gift?  Establish what must be done on this particular day.  Then factor in some time to go for a walk or exercise, in the way you desire, so that your body has a way to let off steam and re-energize.  Just a 20-minute walk will do and wouldn’t it be great if you could listen to your ipod, while you do it or see if that neighbour of yours is free to join you?

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Are Height and Size Impacted by Nutrition?

happy young mother near sleeping newbornRecently, my girls and I made a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake, where we visited the home of Laura Secord.  There was a particularly well-researched historian there, named Kyle Messiana, who gave us an incredibly informative and interesting tour of Laura’s homestead.  Kyle talked about the myth of our ancestors being smaller than us and was well aware of the role that nutrition played in the determination of the size of some of our ancestors.  He was kind enough to share the following information with me.

There is a persistent myth that people used to be shorter centuries ago than they are today.  Do the smaller beds back then prove that people were indeed smaller?  Actually no.  Because beds back then had tall headboards and are often displayed in large rooms with high ceilings; optical illusion makes them appear shorter than modern day beds.

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The Energetics of Nutrition

bigstock-Beautiful-caucasian-woman-enjo-45268165Last September, a beautiful soul departed the earth.  Her name was Jade Altavilla.  She was the healer that propelled me to whole new heights and she was the teacher of Body, Mind, Spirit at the Canadian School of Nutrition.  A few months before she passed on, Jade posed these questions to me: “Why do we think, as holistic practitioners, that we can heal everyone?  Who gave us that power?” Jade was well versed in the energetics of nutrition but was fully aware of our limits as human beings.

Last September, my other amazing nutrition teacher, who had one of the healthiest pregnancies you could ever imagine, lost her son at only one week old because he was born with lungs and kidneys that were too small for his body.

My mother-in-law, Shirley, also passed on in September, a few years ago.  I reflect back to when her son asked me if nutrition and naturopathy could have saved her, if she had followed the protocol she was prescribed.  Knowing our limits, my response was “It’s hard to say.” But I clearly remember the incredible peace and wisdom that Shirley exuded in the time leading up to her death that had not existed to the same extent in the years prior.

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Cancer-Friendly Cuisine For Families

bigstock-Hope-For-Future-3649887This week, Melanie Bowen has asked to be my guest blogger.  She is an advocate for natural health and cancer patients. She focuses on the great benefits of different nutritional, emotional, and physical treatments that can significantly help those going through a time of illness. She has written the following article for your enjoyment.

As cancer becomes more common among younger men and women, families are having to learn how to accommodate its influence in their home life. Since one of the primary ways modern families connect with each other is at mealtimes, discovering cancer-friendly cuisine is an important aspect of keeping family ties strong. What’s more, as you eat foods that nourish the body and support it’s ability to fight cancer, you’ll be introducing your family to foods that improve their health as well.

What Is Cancer-Friendly Cuisine?

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How to Embark on a Healthy Family Vacation

click on image to enlarge

Taking a trip, for any family, involves departing from the routine and regular eating habits.  I welcome this change and I know my children do too.  For me, it is such a relief to get a break from deciding on meals ideas and cooking.  But how do you embark on and manage to eat healthily on a vacation?

One of my all-time favourite things to do is to explore different parts of the world.  Right now, our family is exploring Quebec City – today we saw the old city, the harbour, Le Chateau Frontenac and the Funicular (the cable railway that connects the upper and lower town and shown in the background of the image above), the cathedrals, the incredible shops and Palais Royale.  I am already beside myself with excitement for tomorrow and the wonders that await us.

As many of you know, I believe that dairy (click here for my blog post with more information on this subject), wheat and chemicals, which form the basis of most people’s diets, are our worst enemies.  Many of you have heard me encourage families to dare to be different and eat foods that others are not eating so much of.

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Your Kids and Treats

bigstock-Brother-and-little-sister-eati-10508327 As I venture through the first days of summer, I notice the numerous social events that seem to take place once the warmer weather arrives.  Along with the social events, come all the delicious treats.  For some children, summer represents a “free for all” where they can indulge in unhealthy food whenever and however they wish.  Often these children have parents that were raised strictly, who do not want to put their own children through the same “torture.”  I can understand their way of thinking but when it comes to food, it is simply too important to one’s overall well being to let children make all the decisions.

Don’t get me wrong.  My children have tried and continue to try many of the junk foods available to mankind.  However, here’s the clincher.  These splurges are occasional treats, not the staples of our diet.  In comes the valuable concept of moderation.

Some “health nuts” would say, “Your child should not eat any treats.  The body only needs and should only be fed healthy food”.  That is, of course, entirely true!  Certainly there is no need to expose a pre-school child, without older siblings, to treats.  However, when it comes to older children, ask yourself these three questions:

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