Juicing – Maximum Nourishment For You and Your Child

Many of us know that we are to eat approximately 8 servings (the size of our palm, without the fingers) of fruits and vegetables a day but finding the time to consume this amount can sometimes seem like an impossible feat!  Many of us are aware of the possibility of making smoothies, which keeps the fibre in our diet.  But how many of us are aware of the possibility and power of juicing?  Juicing, a process that removes the fibre, allows all nutrients and enzymes to be quickly digested and absorbed by the body – the juice becomes jet fuel for the bloodstream!  Drinking live juice also helps the body quickly rid itself of toxins.

Certain fruits, vegetables and spices can be combined to assist in the healing of certain ailments.  Juicing carrots, celery, garlic and parsley can treat the flu and other infections.  Parsley is a good source of zinc, which promotes healing and boosts the immune system.  Garlic is a natural antibiotic (no need to juice more than one clove per glass of juice).  Carrots and celery are high in potassium and sodium, which are nutrients that can be lost if one has a fever or diarrhea. Carrots also provide energy and help sweeten concoctions.

Any fruits and vegetables can be used for juicing.  Because apples contain malic acid, a compound that assists in generating energy at the cellular level, they are often used in juicing.  Other herbs that are often used in juicing include dandelion greens (an excellent liver detoxifier), fennel (great to use at the onset of any illness due to its anti-inflammatory properties), ginger root (wonderful for digestion and reducing inflammation) and mint (helps with digestion and stomach upset).   It is best to use fresh herbs in the juicing process.  Ensure to check the herb for safety if you are pregnant or have a heart disorder!

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