A Letter to My Daughters This Mother’s Day

When I met the father of my girls, I told him that having children would be the most important thing I ever did with my life. This baffled him because I was such a corporate girl, at the time. Shortly after we were married, I even went so far as to tell him that I thought we should apply for adoption, in case we were never able to have children. That’s how important having children was to me.

Giving birth and raising my girls has been the greatest pleasure of my life. And having my girls led me to my calling. Because of what they taught me, I get to be a “mother” to many individuals, through my company “The Resourceful Mother”.

I am dedicating this blog post to my girls, Taylor and Paige. Oh boy, the tears have already started welling up in my eyes…

Dearest Taylor and Paige,

Your bodies taught me the value of eating healthily and we can see the results of doing so in all aspects of our lives. Your emotions have shown me the value of truly feeling, then encouraged me to learn how to process those emotions properly and, in turn, allowed us to always find the perspective we needed to heal from any situation. Your minds have challenged me to find greater wisdom, guiding us to learning unique information about this world. Your spirits caused me to probe deeper into what lies beyond that which we are able to see and, as a result, we know that we are never alone on this planet and that there are a multitude of beings that help us each and every day. Your hearts, open wide right from the start, pried mine wide open, which then allowed us to keep our hearts wide open, as we navigated the trials of being human.

I was not truly living until the two of you entered my life. I owe my energetic body, my deep joy, my unique wisdom, my deep connection to spirit and my great love and respect for myself and others to the two of you. And I now know that this is an opportunity that EVERY parent has when they give birth and raise a child.

We have spent almost 18 years learning from one another. This fall, you head off to university, Taylor. I don’t feel any pulls at my heart strings because I know I have done my job and you have done yours; I have full confidence that you have everything you need to venture forth in this world. And Paige, you will enter grade 11, and through your co-op, you will decide the direction you will take in venturing forth in this world. I have full confidence that you will make the right decision for you. Whether or not either one of you makes the large contribution to this world that you plan to make, our souls have evolved in the direction they were meant to go in.

I am infinitely grateful for the two of you. I thank you for the depth of our connection and for the profound joy and never-ending love that we experience. I thank you for giving me the family I always wanted so badly. Thank you for allowing me to celebrate the gift of YOU each Mother’s Day and every day of my life.

All my love and appreciation,


Optimizing Your Child’s Day at School Through Nutrition

bigstock-Kids-Getting-on-Bus-782238Feeding Your Child for Lifelong Health describes the five major areas where you can expect food to have an especially big impact as:

  • Promoting healthy weight gain and preventing obesity
  • Avoiding allergies
  • Optimizing bone strength and height
  • Boosting intelligence
  • Preventing childhood cancers

You may believe that food has this much of an impact on our bodies or you may wonder at the possibility.  You may be tired of feeding your child the same old foods.  The age-old questions are “What do I feed my child to help them be healthy?” and “What new ideas can you suggest for my child’s lunch?”

From reading my other blog posts, you may know that I am not a proponent of feeding your child what everyone else is feeding their children.  Rather, I recommend daring to be different.  As a result, the ideas I share with you in this post do not contain chemicals, dairy or wheat.

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Proper Nutrition – Key to the Twinkle in Our Eyes

close-up portrait big smiling little girl wiht blue eyesChildren are multi and extra sensory beings.  They see more than us, particularly the little things, like the worm struggling to get home after the rainstorm or the coin lost in the dirt on which you stepped.  They hear the sound of a train horn bellowing miles away.  They feel more than us; they yelp at the temperature of the water, telling you it’s too hot, when you thought the bath water was just right.  They taste the cilantro in the guacamole and ask you why it tastes funny.  They are wise and intuitive beyond belief.  You think they are this way, noticing these subtleties, with a twinkle in their eyes because the world is new to them.  Maybe that’s part of it.  But do you notice the adults with a twinkle in their eyes or those that laugh more than others?  They are small in number, but they do exist.  Those are the adults that have not lost their connection to the way life is supposed to be.

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Preparing Teachers for Your Child’s Nutritional Requirements at School

bigstock-Educator-And-Mother-With-Littl-15852506Your child is beginning life in the big wide world.  You have, no doubt, chosen or will choose your child’s school or daycare with safety in mind.  Today it’s rare to find a place that hasn’t had to deal with children eating differently than the majority.  Communication is the key to keeping your child safe in school or daycare.  Don’t wait until the first day to discuss your child’s way of eating or food sensitivities or allergies with the teacher(s).  You can start laying the groundwork as early as the April or May, prior to school starting. Here are 4 tips on how to prepare teachers for your child’s nutritional requirements at school.

Please note  that this post is not intended to help parents whose children have anaphylactic reactions to foods, where a higher level of care is demanded.

I would suggest arranging a face-to-face meeting and going about the discussion in the following manner:

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