8 Back-to-School Nutrition Ideas Made Easy

It’s a new school year; many of us look at September as being a good time to start doing things differently. For years I felt as though making my girls’ lunches at night was too exhausting, after having cooked or prepared meals for them all day long.  This September, I started making their lunches, while preparing their dinner.  The kitchen has been messier than ever but I realized that this is the time in which I have the most energy and when I can be most efficient, as much of the food is already out of the fridge.  Why I ever thought that putting the girls to bed and then heading downstairs to make their lunches was a good idea, I will never understand.  And the years I spent rushing around each morning, making their lunches, are also over.  It feels good to actually sit with my girls on a school day and partake in eating breakfast with them.  And what a beautiful start to the day for each of us. So, what are you going to do differently this school year?  Here are 8 back to school ideas to provide your children with more nutrition and hopefully keep your world more sane overall:

1. Ensure your child has a healthy protein source (e.g. turkey bacon, eggs, nut butter, nut milk, yogurt, goat cheese) and a starch (e.g. oatmeal, spelt/kamut/rice bagel or toast, cereal) each morning to regulate their blood sugar.  When their blood sugar is where it needs to be, your child will usually be in a good mood, can concentrate for long periods of time and remain energetic.

2. Ensure your child has a protein source every 2-3 hours, throughout the day, to keep their blood sugar stable at all times.  Don’t forget to incorporate legumes in your child’s diet – another excellent protein source e.g. chickpeas, lentils, green peas and beans.

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