Dealing With Stress Over the Holidays

16513267_sAt this busy time of year, some of you may be wondering just how you are going to survive each day.  Your children might be small, you may have many family members and friends for whom you want to buy gifts, you may have many parties to attend and of course, there are still meals to prepare and housework to be done.  And maybe you have to go to work each day right up until your festivities begin!  And you are rushing, rushing and rushing to get it all done and still make things meaningful for yourself and those you are closest to.  How do you do it all?  How do you keep your energy levels up and your focus clear?

You start the day by taking a few minutes to yourself.  You set the alarm 5-10 minutes prior to needing to get out of bed and simply lay still for those minutes, listening to the sound of your own breathing.  You use the last minute or so to determine exactly what you need to do that day.  Do you really need to cook a nice dinner tonight or can you open up a can of Eden Organic baked beans and boil some turkey dogs for the kids and make sandwiches for you and your spouse?  Do you really need to get one more present for your aunt?  Isn’t it the gesture that matters far more than the monetary value of each gift?  Establish what must be done on this particular day.  Then factor in some time to go for a walk or exercise, in the way you desire, so that your body has a way to let off steam and re-energize.  Just a 20-minute walk will do and wouldn’t it be great if you could listen to your ipod, while you do it or see if that neighbour of yours is free to join you?

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