Rebounding – Optimal Support for your Immune System

11426621_mI recently returned to Beld Wellness Centre (please click here for my prior blog post on lymphatic drainage) for a tune-up of my lymphatic system.  I learned that the reason I needed a tune-up is that I had not continued to exercise on my rebounder, an optimal support mechanism for our immune system!

Our immune system is our number one defense system.  Diet, exercise, stress levels, beliefs, and emotions affect our level of defense each day.  When our immune system is weak, toxins accumulate in our body and interfere with our normal body functions.  Lethargy, foggy thinking, depression, headaches and anxiety, among other symptoms, set in.

When there is continuous flow of lymphatic fluid, there is continuous cleansing of the cells.  A common condition resulting from poor lymphatic flow is edema i.e. swelling of certain body areas, most often in the lower extremities. When there is edema, there are trapped blood proteins, which attract fluid around them and shut off nutrients and oxygen to the cells, which sets the stage for illness.  To return these blood proteins to circulation and reduce the edema, it is important to flush the lymphatic fluid throughout the body.

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