The Important Job of Parenting

bigstock-trust-family-hands-of-child-so-27258686Some of you know that I am working on my second book on the important job of parenting; a guide to emotional healing and wellness for children, which, of course, starts with their parents. Here is a look at some of the aspects my book will address.

Our primary obligation, as parents of our children, is to be guardians of their unique spirits, while simultaneously helping them unfold into emotionally, mentally and spiritually happy adults.

Various parenting methods produce children whose primary emotion is either love or fear – these are the only two options. It seems to me that the “authoritarian” parenting style is still very much alive and well in the raising of today’s children. This makes sense due to the fact that so many of us were raised ourselves by parents using this approach. The challenge with this approach is that the children who are punished or told what to do at all times “or else,” end up living in fear. It is the only result of authoritarian parenting. Children parented in this way feel under attack. These children put up defenses around the parts of themselves that their parents don’t approve of and try to protect their vulnerable inner selves by displaying tough outer selves. They keep themselves “safe” but at what cost? Repression prevents the growth and development of the whole person. And when parents reject or try to stifle a natural part of who their children truly are, we see the birth of self-dislike and sometimes even self-hatred in those children. They will hate the parts of themselves that put their parents love for them at risk.  To children, rejection is the same as abandonment and abandonment is the same as death. And when children live in fear of being who they truly are and don’t love themselves, they cannot experience true happiness nor can they spread love in this world.

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Ways to Feed Your Brain

bigstock-Human-brain-left-and-right-fun-27911288With proper diet, nutrition, and memory use, your brain can remain sharp and active well into your nineties.  Many of you have been reading my blog for over a year now and have learned about the impact of nutrition on the body but may have wondered how much food impacts memory, speed and capacity of learning, attention, mood and behaviour.  You may be surprised to learn that keeping your body healthy is actually the best way to feed your brain and keep it healthy.

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD is the author of “The UltraMind Solution,” a book I highly recommend and from which I will draw information and share with you.  He states that a 53-year old man with lifelong bipolar disease and depression experienced relief for the first time in thirty years after tuning up his brain function with folate and vitamins B12 and B6.  He explains that a 3-year old boy with violent behaviour calmed down after balancing his blood sugar and clearing out toxic bacteria from his intestine. A 23-year old woman’s anxiety and depression lifted after she stopped eating the foods to which she was allergic. A 70-year old man, who was losing his memory and had been diagnosed with early dementia, removed the mercury from his body, and was able to work and function normally again.

Miracles happen every day in the world of natural health.

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