4 Tips and 4 Food Ideas for Picky Eaters

iStock_000005862776XSmallOn July 4th, a Fussy Foodie seminar was held at Nature’s Emporium by Andrew Muto (chef extraordinaire) and Nanny Robino (who used to star on The Mom’s Show and now works for Slice Television).  I will endeavour to summarize the numerous, excellent ideas that were shared at the seminar.  Here are 4 important tips for picky eaters:

1.  When parents make an issue out of food, food becomes an issue for their child.  If a child knows that their parent wants them to eat a certain food or more of a food, more times than not, that child will refuse to cooperate; this is simply one area of their lives where they have control – let’s face it, there aren’t many.  Therefore, it is paramount that parents say nothing when their children refuse a food or refuse more food.

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Nutrition in Simple Terms – Back to Basics

Mum’s Original™ Products

I attended my first LIPS (Ladies in Philanthropy for Southlake) event at Nature’s Emporium Health Store the week before last.  I had no idea of what to expect but low and behold, the keynote speaker explained nutrition in the clearest manner I had ever experienced in all the years I have been attending nutrition seminars and classes.

Ann Barnes surrendered her legal career to start a company that is improving the health of this world at a rapid pace. It is called Mum’s Original™. Each of the women in the large audience were given a copy of Ann’s book called Better Being and a box containing samples of 8 of the different Mum’s Original™ products plus two different cookies made of two different sets of ingredients from Ann’s products.  Ann proceeded to explain the health benefits of eating hemp, chia, gogi berries, oats, cacao, coconut sugar, banana powder and quinoa while we, the audience had the opportunity to try each food.  What a delightful way to learn!  Ann’s generosity was truly unheard of but so fully appreciated by the ladies in attendance.

So, a little about Mum’s Original™….  They make some of the healthiest and best-tasting foods available to mankind.  Their “back to basics” approach to sensible food, conscientious farming and wholesome goodness embraces many of the simple principles our grandparents understood. Natural and organic ingredients are farmed the old fashioned way, combined and then sold in eco-friendly packaging.  There are no man-made toxins in the farming or production and all products are non-GMO and grown without herbicides or pesticides.

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Homeopathy – A Case Study Showing Profound Results

Complementary practitioners work hard each and every day to help individuals heal.  We go about our business, knowing the difference we make in the lives of others yet do not receive the pay or the notoriety that other professions glean.  Thanks to Linked In, Branch Out and others types of Social Media, many of us are being asked to obtain or provide testimonials for what we do.  ‘Word of mouth’ has remained the best method, over all the centuries of man’s existence, for individuals to let others know how we help one another and become known.

Recently, I was at Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket, Ontario, one of the largest health food stores in Canada.  Nicholas Mazzoli is the homeopath that works there, providing advice to individuals of all ages.  Nicholas, a former professional football player, shared the following story with me, as to how he helped a little girl begin to live a better life.

“A young nine-year old girl diagnosed with severe anxiety and panic disorder came for treatment.  She would not touch her brother for fear of contagion and washed her hands immediately after; could not go outside for fear something would happen; could not eat normally or go to the bathroom easily without much anxiety and during the initial appointment was constantly getting anxious, needing to be calmed so that her breathing would normalize.  She was also very impressionable; you could not tell her that something was bad for her because it became an obsession.  There had been two very traumatic episodes in her life, which contributed to this state.  The funny thing was that while engaged in conversation with me, her symptoms seemed to vanish.

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