5 Tips to Appreciating the Christmas Holiday Season With Your Young Family

bigstock-Little-girl-with-a-Santa-hat--19486547I remember when my girls were younger and I was still in ‘survival mode’ and the holiday season came upon me….I thought I wouldn’t be able to get through another day. This blog is dedicated to helping you appreciate this Christmas holiday season with your young family.

I was making all of my girls’ food at that time, dressing them, ensuring they were happy all day long, bathing them and putting them to bed each night. Then there were all the Christmas preparations… I remember having to decorate the inside and outside of our home with Christmas cheer.  I remember Christmas shopping for 27 people and for some of those people, I needed to buy multiple gifts.  I remember hitting more than one Christmas party in a night and always having to ensure that my girls were well taken care of back at home.  Then we would entertain family and friends in our home, as well.  This was, of course, all in conjunction with my job, which luckily was only part-time.  And the year that my youngest had the chicken pox and had her worst day of suffering on Christmas Day holds a special place in my memories.

Is it any wonder that I began to dread the Christmas season???  I have learned from experience that even though we feel alone when we go through challenges, we are never alone.  But I remember trying to find others at the time that felt the same way I did but came up empty-handed, which made my challenges seem even worse. No one wants to be a Grinch and eagerly wait for the holiday season to end!  But some of us end up feeling that way.  This article is written for those of you that are in “survival mode” at this time of year; I do not want you to feel alone as I did, nor do I want you to miss the magic of Christmas.

Here is a list of things that I did to appreciate the moment:

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